Whatever Happened to…?

A look at former F1 drivers and where they are now Let me set the scene… It’s midnight. I’m lying-in bed. My dog Wilbur is cuddled up next to me – I stare at the ceiling. Many things are running through my head…‘when’s the last time I changed my Brita filter? Where did I putContinue reading “Whatever Happened to…?”

Guess Who’s Back…

80 days and 5 hrs… That’s how long we have to wait for IndyCar to return. After a tense, confusing, but nonetheless exhilarating 2020 season, fans and drivers alike are ready to get 2021 started. Teams have already begun testing and each day exciting announcements come from IndyCar. There are a few things to lookContinue reading “Guess Who’s Back…”

The Most Marketable Drivers

For younger audiences’ traditional media seems unnecessary. We are in the era of the stream. Twitch, YouTube and Reddit, that’s where younger audiences are spending their time. So, bigger brands are needing to adapt. In racing, the team is the brand, the series is the brand and most importantly the driver is the brand. TheseContinue reading “The Most Marketable Drivers”