Dixon vs. Newgarden…Championship Breakdown

For the 15th season in a row the IndyCar championship comes down to the final race…

Listen. Scott Dixon is the best driver in IndyCar – no question. He has continually found himself fighting for championship titles, already winning five.

He is consistent, focused and intelligent.

Here’s the great thing about IndyCar though, the competition is so fierce that even after winning the first three races of the season, Dixon’s sixth championship is not guaranteed.

Two-time and defending champion Josef Newgarden is only 32 points behind Dixon, meaning that the IndyCar series points title comes down the final race for the 15th season in a row.

So, what does Dixon need to win his sixth title? Let me break it down for you.

If Dixon finishes eighth or higher, he will win the title. Even if Newgarden manages to win all 54 points available in the weekend.

If Newgarden manages the pole and win, then the drivers would be tied in the championship, but Dixon would ultimately win. This is because Dixon holds more second-place podiums than Newgarden this season.

But here’s a big thing to remember…it seems that Penske domination is back and even though Dixon has won practically every race on the IndyCar circuit, he hasn’t at St. Petersburg coming in second four times. So, although he doesn’t need the win to complete his sixth championship, I expect him to pull-out all of the stops and go for it…which could lead to some exciting racing.

I believe Dixon will win his sixth title, but it’s IndyCar so nothing is guaranteed.

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